6 Jun

Washington University is in the process sorting and computing the final data from the Autism Pilot Study. They should be done craeting this document by June 30th, 2012. I will post that document and its recommendations. They are also looking to get funding for a grant to fund a large population and long term study which would start (estimated) January 2013. Will keep you updated. Any questions feel free to contact me 314-280-7398 or by email trapani360@gmail.com

Please click on link to see latest poster data

Kcumpata FINAL Poster after CH.2 (3)

Washington University, Makoto USA, 360 Fitness For Life & Health, LLC / Pete Trapani

11 May

Attached/linked is the the Final Poster Presentation from Washington University Autism Pilot Study. It includes the initial data and short explanation of the data results.

A detailed background data sheet will completed by the 2nd week in June. As you all know already, data coming from the study were very strong. Because of these strong results, Washington University is now writing a grant that will fund a larger study with a larger population of students.

We are now canvassing and trying to find a school district and school in  St Louis that wants to be a part of this Autism study.

If you know any decision makers in St Louis Special School District  known as SSD, school district directors who lead or work with students with Autism, principals, from any public schools etc, please contact me.

This larger study will be very exciting and will also help many children who are on the ASD Spectrum by just being a part of the study and will help many others in the long term.

Again, contact me if you have any interest or if you know a decision maker that would be interested being a part of the larger study.

Click on the link below name and number to access the poster data

Thanks. Pete Trapani


Kcumpata FINAL Poster after CH.2 (3)

Nature Vs Nurture: Do Our Genes Rule Our Destiny?

7 May

There is a great book that came out in 2010 titled ” The Genius In All Of Us” Written by David Shenk. It is  a great read that details the age-old question of  Nature Vs Nurture, “are we destined to a future that is ruled by our gene’s” or can we change our genetic profile through Nurture. Believe it or not the answer is  you can change how your gene’s respond through nurture and using your life experiences and environment to manipulate your genes to operate in different ways. So for those who have just given up and said” it in my gene’s” your are sadly mistaken. What does this have to do with fitness, weight loss, getting in shape, your health and learning, etc. We know through scientific research you can re wire your nervous system/ or what people call your brain. Have you ever changed or gotten rid of a bad habit, built muscle, lost weight, learned to read, learned to use your less dominant hand? Than you  have experienced this phenomenon. Use fitness as an example: You train your central nervous system, which in turn releases certain hormones, which in turn act on or in concert with you gene’s, which in turn produces a result. Without your Central Nervous System just exist.  I hear it all the time!!! “my mom and dad had this so its in my gene’s I cannot change it. Yes you can!!! Much more science to this that I can explain, but What do you think ??? Your thoughts are welcomed!!!

The Effects of Makoto Intervention on Motor Skills and Executive Function in Children with and without Autism Spectrum Disorders

4 May

Starting Brief/Summary: This Pilot Study for the Makoto Arena is being done by Washington University in St Louis and 360 Fitness, LLC with equipment provided by Makoto USA, Inc. Hard copies of the poster data and supporting study material will be provided over the next two weeks.
Data at this poster presentation at Washington University on April 23rd 2012 showed strong results, especially for participants of the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) group. Participants in the control group showed reaction time improvement and their effect size was strong, but the improvements seen for children of the ASD group were greater with a stronger effect size. Effect size is a statistical concept that measures the strength of the relationship between two variables or research on a numeric scale. Pre testing was done for each student prior to using Makoto and post testing was done afterwards to compare data points.
Early data showed improvements in the following areas:
 Manual Dexterity,
 Bilateral Coordination,
 Fine Motor Integration,
 Strength and
 Agility
Data showed that the children in the Control Group and the ASD group both had improved Short Term Working Memory and Organization of Material. Improvements in these areas would also be seen as improved learning in the classroom, reading, math, etc. The Short Term Memory improvement was quite significant and very strong. The Short Term Working Memory data is what Pete Trapani refers to as the holy grail of all the data. Wash U is now analyzing the rest of the data and trying to correlate improved reaction time to other cognitive functions including Sensory Integration which also showed great gains.
The results of this pilot study are very exciting because it indicates the use of equipment (Makoto) as an effective intervention for ASD as opposed to medication. Wash U said early results from the data are strong enough that they recommend a larger study be done. More data will be coming out over the next 30 days.

The Effects of Makoto Intervention on Motor Skills and Executive Function in Children with and without Autism Spectrum Disorders

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4 May

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