Nature Vs Nurture: Do Our Genes Rule Our Destiny?

7 May

There is a great book that came out in 2010 titled ” The Genius In All Of Us” Written by David Shenk. It is  a great read that details the age-old question of  Nature Vs Nurture, “are we destined to a future that is ruled by our gene’s” or can we change our genetic profile through Nurture. Believe it or not the answer is  you can change how your gene’s respond through nurture and using your life experiences and environment to manipulate your genes to operate in different ways. So for those who have just given up and said” it in my gene’s” your are sadly mistaken. What does this have to do with fitness, weight loss, getting in shape, your health and learning, etc. We know through scientific research you can re wire your nervous system/ or what people call your brain. Have you ever changed or gotten rid of a bad habit, built muscle, lost weight, learned to read, learned to use your less dominant hand? Than you  have experienced this phenomenon. Use fitness as an example: You train your central nervous system, which in turn releases certain hormones, which in turn act on or in concert with you gene’s, which in turn produces a result. Without your Central Nervous System just exist.  I hear it all the time!!! “my mom and dad had this so its in my gene’s I cannot change it. Yes you can!!! Much more science to this that I can explain, but What do you think ??? Your thoughts are welcomed!!!


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