Washington University, Makoto USA, 360 Fitness For Life & Health, LLC / Pete Trapani

11 May

Attached/linked is the the Final Poster Presentation from Washington University Autism Pilot Study. It includes the initial data and short explanation of the data results.

A detailed background data sheet will completed by the 2nd week in June. As you all know already, data coming from the study were very strong. Because of these strong results, Washington University is now writing a grant that will fund a larger study with a larger population of students.

We are now canvassing and trying to find a school district and school in  St Louis that wants to be a part of this Autism study.

If you know any decision makers in St Louis Special School District  known as SSD, school district directors who lead or work with students with Autism, principals, from any public schools etc, please contact me.

This larger study will be very exciting and will also help many children who are on the ASD Spectrum by just being a part of the study and will help many others in the long term.

Again, contact me if you have any interest or if you know a decision maker that would be interested being a part of the larger study.

Click on the link below name and number to access the poster data

Thanks. Pete Trapani


Kcumpata FINAL Poster after CH.2 (3)


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