Connect The Dots: How To Use Exercise & Active Gaming Technology To Mold Your Central Nervous System

Where: Wildwood YMCA
2641 Missouri Highway 109
Grover, MO 63040

EARN: NSCA 0.7, Pending ACE 0.7 & NASM 0.7

WHEN: Sunday, January 20th 2013
TIME: 7:00am – 4:00pm
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Please call me Pete Trapani 314-280-7398 if you have any problems with payment or questions about the workshop. Below is the info about the workshop. I can take credit card payment over the phone or  register at PayPal via email this link.

Presenter: PETE TRAPANI, BS Washington University in St. Louis. NSCA CSCS, NSCA-CPT, FMS LEVEL 1, KBC Level 1

Do you want to learn how to use movement, exercise and technology to build your central nervous system while improving your client’s fitness level? If so, come and learn how to use various exercise modalities/tools. Run, walk, bike, swim, swing a kettlebell, skip rope, undulate ropes, do pull ups, chin ups, use sand bags and pull and push weighted objects. These are some of the tools, exercises and movements that will be used to set right conditions to mold your central nervous system. Your brain is more like Play Dough than porcelain. Neural plasticity is not achieved only by reading a book, trying to complete a challenging crossword puzzle or playing chess. It’s achieved through a synergistic approach using dynamic movement and exercise, together to strengthen and expand your neural network. Learn how to integrate technology, primal movements into your training programs. Learn which exercises and fitness tools work best to achieve CNS plasticity. Learn what frequency, intensity and duration can be used to help your clients reach their goals. When you leave this workshop you will have the tools and methods to train your clients to help them become smarter while at the same time giving them a great workout.

1. Participant will learn the basics on the topic of Neurogenesis
2. Participant will learn understand the Brain Exercise Connection
3. Participant will learn which exercises, fitness tools/modalities can be used and how you can integrate Active Gaming technology into your personal training, group and strength & conditioning programs
4. Participant will learn how to use what they have learned to market their services  and the programs to various populations to increase revenue and profits
5. Participant will sweat and grow new neural networks!!

Be prepared to sweat, exercise and move!!! You will be an active participant in this workshop and we will increase your heart rate. There will also be a Makoto Arena at the workshop to use to develop programming to experience what active gaming is all about

This training workshop is 50% lecture, 50 % participation. Be prepared to move!!!. Dress in your workout or play clothes. We will be barefoot for some of the movement and exercises! Can’t wait to see you on January 20th.

Pete Trapani
360 Fitness For Life & Health, LLC

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